Takieng is the Thai word for an old-fashioned oil lantern. It is also the name of our new Thai restaurant in Fair Oaks. Takieng Thai Cuisine is pleased to open its doors and welcome you into a new traditional Thai atmosphere with authentic, home-style Thai cooking. We have carefully blended traditional and modern Thai style in both the décor and the cuisine in order to provide you with a very special dining experience.
Our chefs in Takieng Thai Cuisine have over 30 years experience cooking Thai food not only in the US but also at their family’s restaurant in Thailand. They bring an authentic style and flavor not found in most Thai restaurants in the Sacramento Area. Their extensive experience and true passion for cooking is evident in the intricate flavors and delicate blending of herbs and spices. Of course, there are a few of the usual spicy Thai dishes for those who like the fire of Thai chilis. However, there are many mild dishes as well. But whether cooking spicy or mild, our chefs carefully prepare each dish from the freshest authentic Thai ingredients. Thai food you will find anywhere.
We invite you to come in, relax and enjoy the flavor and feeling of Thailand at Takieng Thai Cuisines. As any Thai person would tell you, food holds a very important place in Thai culture, and we are proud to share that part of our culture with you.




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